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Thanks so much for your encouraging feedback.Last week’s installment on e-learning competitions generated a lot of interest.So the issue here is on competitions and many asked about the age restrictions but good news is it is open to all.Even schools that had not been active on the e-­learning front are consulting how they can implement it. Back to business, this week we focusing on computer laboratory safety precautions. The computer laboratory is a very important and delicate environment that require strict safety and maintenance. For this to be ensured, we have follow and adhere to a set of computer laboratory rules. These rules are introduced to make sure the computers and the people have a long and protected lifespan. The computer lab should be kept cool. Computers operate under normal room temperature. The room should not be too hot or too cold. The lab room’s floor should be clean, dry and dust free. To ensure this, a clean tiled floor or a carpeted room may be preferable. When cleaning the computer lab one should ensure that there is no dust, moisture, liquids or chalk, thus, a vacuum cleaner may be best in a computer lab. Remember you have to use a smart and soft wiping cloth. Never use a mouse that is larger than your fingers. Use a chair and a desk of your body size which allows you to work with your feet on the ground. The chair should not be too short or too tall and should have a back for resting. Eating and drinking is not allowed in the computer lab. This includes fruits, drinks, water and any other food or drink. The major reason why food is not allowed on the computer is if a drink spills on the keyboard it will malfunction. You get some keys sticking. Food that has crumbs like bread can get under a key that will make it misbehave. It is inevitable that one will have to conduct some lessons in the computer lab. This implies that there is need for a teaching board and some writings thereon. The computer lab should have a plastic or any other smooth board on which a might marker or other technologies may be used to write, draw or demonstrate things during lessons. Writing and erasing information should never release any dust particles like chalk.


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