Turning computer education in to a sport

Infant computer education got a major boost when 60 infants
between the ages of three and six years from 15 pre schools took part in the in
a pre school computer skills competition held at Longcheng Plaza last week under
the theme “grooming globally competitive technological whizkids.” The expo was
organized by Dzidzo Inhaka Audio Visual Learning.

Pre schools that participated included Sheali ECD, Shine
Stars, Shalom Junior, Champions for Life, Little Rubbies, Rutendo, Woodbridge,
Peter Piper, Great Hope, Trinity, Blessed Angels, Jingle Jingle and Royal
Hearts much to the amazement of their parents of the kids.

The competition had 4 categories. In the three years
category Desire Nyamande (Shalom), Tawananyasha Gwagwa (Agape) and Rufaro
Mawoko (Blessed Angels) were the top performers in doing painting activities.

Top participants for the four year category who out shone
others in solving puzzles were Jesca Marufu (Shine Star), Simon Makoni (Peter
Piper) and Tapiwanashe Chidzungudzungu (Agape).

Anopaishe Gwarazimba (Canonbury), Caroline Chiropa (little
Rubbies) and Nyasha pamire (Agape) ruled the roost in five year old category
where they did memory games and made rockets by dragging shapes.

In the six year category Misheck Mupangabuwe (Royal Hearts)
), Owami Nyasha Mabo (Agape) and Lucia Ngoreyemoto (Champions) emerged tops in
the six year category where they were given an impromptu assignment to test their
creativity and intellectual development through painting by mixing their own
colours as well as drawing and painting shapes. All the children received
certificates and the teachers of the top performing kids received tokens of

The competition was presided over by two renowned ECD ICT
experts Elma Machakaire and Mafemera who assessed the abilities of pre readers
who could neither read nor write of following instructions in executing a given
task, keyboard and mouse handling skills, eye hand coordination, speed and time
of completing task. 

In an interview with the Bridge, Dzidzo Inhaka executive
director Shepherd Chimururi said the Schools Computer Skills League – Infant
Level  has its roots in STEM.

“It is a national initiative whose goal is to promote
computer skills for children between the ages of 3 – 6 years in a competitive atmosphere
of a sporting discipline. It is designed to identify, groom nurture and foster
the next generation of young tech savy learners with the capacity to surpass
inventions of technological icons like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg,

“The competition’s alignment with the school STEM based curriculum
enables students to apply what they learn. It is a great way to generate
students’ and schools’ interest in the participating in information and communication
technology (ICT) which in turn will lead to the growth of the ICT industry and
the economy and inspire our own technological heroes. Our children should be
able to get scholarships, engage in technological exchange programmes with
other students from other countries and compete at global level. The computer
skills exhibition has to turn into a full fledged competing league that is
dedicated to increasing and enhancing computer science education and
opportunities for all children in our nation from ECD Level up to ‘A’ Level.


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