Ms. O. Mujuru [Director-Happy Hearts Preschool]

Dzidzo Inhaka audio visual learning is Zimbabwe’s best EVER learning organization. I gained greater appreciation of how children can be taught how to see, hear, feel and talk education through using superb audio and visual learning aids they offer. I have learned ways that can improve my practice as an ECD teacher. The materials they offer create an incredible opportunity to be a complete and relevant teacher to pupils. Happy Hearts Preschool Sanyati is proud to be associated with such Excellency.
Dzidzo inhaka has taught me how to teach children computers. My kids get excited when its computer lesson time. I now can stand tall and brag that I am a complete teacher. Thank you, Dzidzo Inhaka.

Mrs. A. Machakaire [Teacher – West view Preschool]

Mrs. Y. Pondamare [Director – AGAPE PRE-SCHOOL]

After completing my E-learning course I then introduced it to the crèche and the children have enjoyed coming to school and looking forward to their computer lessons and learning new things every day. Through E-learning I have noticed that my children’s concentration span has increased tremendously and they are alert and proactive. This is a good thing in children, especially at a tender age. Lastly I would like to thank my teacher Mr. S. Chimururi for showing us a way. I can now teach the children how to operate a computer without any hustle. E-learning is definitely the way to go because nowadays technology gets more advanced each and every day.
I just wanted to thank Dzidzo Inhaka with their program of how to teach the pre-school kids computers .Now we are teaching computers at our school even if a parent wants to see the method we are using to teach the kids I will not hesitate because I’m now a complete teacher of computers .I just want to thank these guys from Dzidzo Inhaka because the day I finished my course I was promoted at my school so I just want to thank God in their vision.

Mrs. T. Musenga [Teacher- MAGIC STARS JNR SCHOOL]

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